Paint Correction

Paint correction

Paint correction is the process of restoring the quality of the paint by removing light to moderate visible defects.

•swirls •scratches •oxidation •holograms •water spot etching

This process removes up to 90% of defects.

* Add an upgrade of ceramic coating

Stage 1 Gloss Enhancement

Start $300 - 450

This is an entry level paint correction cleaning up to light to medium defects in the paint (swirl marks, light scratches, oxidation) leaving a high gloss finish that is ready for a layer of protection.

*50-60% reduction.

Stage 2 Paint Clarity

Start $550 - 750

Is your paint new but not as clear and sharp as it could be? Tired of those swirl marks and light scratches on your vehicle paint?

This intensive process utilizes the finest refinishing tools and nanotechnology abrasives. Removing swirl marks, scratches and water etching. Recommended for dark colored vehicles providing a near perfect finish when combined with our Premium Exterior package. Revealing the paints true potential.

*Includes 1 year paint sealant.

Stage 3 Full Correction

Each vehicle receives our undivided attention. Starting with an aggressive compound to remove deep defects, leveling down the paint, creating a reflective mirror finish. Removing as many defects as possible.

Preservation is the goal and this level of correction provides ultimate results and serves to meet your exact specification.

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