Motorcycle Detailing

Motorcycle Detailing

Do you need your motorcycle detailed? Whether you own a Harley a sport bike or a custom cycle we understand the precision that is required in detailing your ride. When the process is completed your bike will be ready to impress, show and ride!

Standard Motorcycle Pack
Start $150-200

Standard Motorcycle Pack

It's natural to want your bike looking its best at all times. This is our most affordable service it includes:

• Careful hand wash
• Rims and fender well cleaned
• Engined degreased
• Micro fiber towel dried
• Air blown dry
• Clean mirrors, gauges, wind guard
• Clay bar painted surfaces
• Paint sealant applied to painted surfaces
• Clean and condition leather
• Chrome polished and protected
• Saddle bags cleaned and conditioned

* Add 1 stage paint correction (painted surfaces polished to remove light scratches and swirls).

Ultimate Motorcycle Pack

Ultimate Motorcycle Pack - Start $300 & up

We aim to provide for your motorcycle the best care it deserves. We intricately treat, restore and preserve every part using only the best high-end products. Included:

• Careful hand wash
• Rims and fender well cleaned
• Remove break dust and grease from calipers
• Degrease frame and engine
• Clean instrument cluster and panel
• Fairing gently washed
• Chamois dried
• Compress air dry to remove excess water
• Storage compartments cleaned
• Clay bar all paint surfaces
• Soft brush clean all nooks and crannies

• 2 stage paint correction to remove scratches/swirls
• Spot wet-sand (if needed)
• All chrome polished and protected
• Leather deep cleaned and conditioned
• Engine meticulously detailed
• Streak-free clean mirrors, gauges, wind guard
• Apply paint sealant and hand polish to a high gloss finish

* Ultimate Motorcycle Pack Available in shop only

* Add an upgrade of ceramic coating