Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating 

Is your vehicle new or do you have a newer vehicle that you would like to preserve your paints finish? Protecting your vehicle is important in keeping your paint as glossy as when you first purchased it.

Ceramic coating is the latest and most revolutionary way to protect your vehicle. When cured this technology will transform itself onto the surface of the clear coat to a permanent, ridged, flexible glass shield. The surface becomes hydrophobic and repels water and dirt. Everything you could ask for, for your vehicle!

Benefits include:

• Strong chemical bonding
• Can be used on flexible surfaces (vinyl wraps, paint protection films)
• High UV resistant
• Extreme chemical resistance
• Protects against highly acidic bird dropping
• Pencil hardness 9H

Results are a brilliant shine that is incredibly easy to maintain. Adding a layer of protection to your existing clean flawless paint is the first step in keeping your vehicles paint like new.


ClearFX protection, will add that layer of protection your paint needs to withstand and uphold the elements. The results, a high-gloss shine that brings out the color of your paint!

Do you own an older vehicle that runs great and your plan is to keep it as long as you can? Some vehicles need a little more than a wash and polish. Treating your existing clear coat will bring out its underlying shine.


RestorFX is a treatment that goes deep into your vehicles existing clear coat, raising the quality of the vehicles paint. Scratches, blemishes are now a thing of the past. Your vehicle now has a firm, protective permanent layer shining as if it had just been painted!

Prices: Start $700 - 900

* RFX and CFX automotive repair and protection offered at shop only