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$ 149.00 USD

Standard Pack

Standard Pack Exterior Full Details

Recommended for vehicles that need a moderate cleaning and protection. Applying car wax regularly will extend the life and beauty of your vehicles paint finish.

● Complete exterior wash and dry 

● Door jams cleaned

● Special Non-abrasive wash mitt, soap and chamois cloth used

● Wheel-face, *rims,  and tires degreased, scrubbed and dressed. (You won’t believe how your wheels and tires will shine) 

● A protective ceramic spray is applied over the entire exterior

● And of course, we do your windows

Standard Pack Interior Full Details

Keeping the interior in good condition is just as essential as the exterior.

● Complete vacuum of interior: seats, floors and trunk

● Clean door jams

● Wipe down dash, coin trays, center console, and door panels

● Clean windows and deodorize

The Standard Pack is anything but standard

Full Detail

• Sedan $149
• SUV  $179
• Truck/Van  $199

Exterior / Interior Only

• Sedan $79
• SUV  $99
• Truck/Van  $129

* Small fee for mobile service

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* Prices are subject to change depending on size and condition of vehicles. Call us for more details.