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Premium Pack

Premium Pack Exterior Full Details

Recommended for vehicles requiring a more aggressive detailed cleaning. Good starting point if you are selling or just looking to revitalize your daily driver.
Whether you have a new or older vehicle getting it detailed can help it look it's very best regardless of its age.

● Professional exterior chemical wash and stain removal of dirt and grime around moldings, emblems and crevices, that won’t come out with just a wash 

● Complete exterior wash and dry (special non-abrasive wash mitt, soap and chamois cloth used) 

● Wash and degrease all door jams including trunk 

● Fender wells, tires and rims degreased, scrubbed and “dressed to impress” 

● Dress and protect exterior moldings and bumpers 

● Polish and shine all chrome, including exhaust tips 

● Remove stray contaminates (light, industrial fallout, slight, paint over spray) that have not fully adhered to the paint with our maintenance

contaminate removal. * Removing hard water spots from your vehicle will require an additional service. 

● Apply sun protective ceramic wax and buff to a shine 

● Clean all windows

Premium Pack Interior Full Details

● Complete vacuum of interior: seats, floor, crevices, and trunk. 

● Surface shampoo floor carpet and removable carpets, upholstery/ leather seats, and headliner 

● Scrub dash, louvers, coin trays, center interior console and compartments, door panels and all the “nooks and crannies” plus deodorize and clean your windows. 

● Condition the top of the dash for superior ultraviolet protection and get that brand new feel.

Step up to the Premium Pack For added value and Shine

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Full Detail

• Sedan $199
• SUV  $249
• Truck/Van  $279

Exterior / Interior Only

• Sedan  $129
• SUV  $159
• Truck/Van  $179

* Small fee for mobile service

* Prices are subject to change depending on size and condition of vehicles. Call us for more details.